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Trfreightline Our Values and Ethical Principles

We display a reliable, consistent stance, we pay regard to observe the image of the company.

Employees' attitudes, behaviors and appearances, their relations with third parties and the activities they take part in should not negatively affect the image of TRF.

We are against all kinds of harassment (mobbing).

Sexual harassment, emotional harassment that ignores people, psychological violence and threats cannot be made.

As TR Group personnel, we stay away from conflicts of interest.

First degree relatives (spouse, parent, sibling) cannot work for a competitor. By using the Company name in relations such as the Customer and Supplier with whom we are in relation, no personal relationship of interest such as debt and receivable is entered into.

We attach importance to the protection of intellectual property.

The software developed by the company and its collaborations cannot be copied. Unlicensed, duplicate products cannot be used in the company.

We do not engage in political activities under the roof of the company.

TRF employees cannot make political statements on behalf of the company. Political activities may be performed outside of working hours and outside the company.

No bribes are accepted, given, and irregular payments are not accepted.

The total amount of gifts / promotions that our employees can accept within "1 Year" cannot exceed 300 TL. Any gift / promotion exceeding this limit is thrown into the "Company Gift Pool".

Written and verbal communication is followed within the framework of respect and courtesy.

TRF conducts all its relationships without personalization. Relationships that negatively affect the work environment and lead to personal hostility and controversy are unacceptable.

We protect the commercial and private information of theTRF Logistics Group and the organizations we cooperate with.

We protect the information that will create advantage for TRF 's competitors, trade secrets and the private information of our employees and the organizations we work with, we do not disclose them to third parties.

TRF Group does not discriminate while choosing its employees.

It selects its staff only by considering the needs, personal / professional skills and abilities of the applicants. Language, religion, race, gender etc. does not separate.

TRF Logistics Group respects private life.

TRF Logistics Group respects people's private lives.