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Trfreightline Policies


Believing that quality is customer satisfaction, TRF Management aims to achieve a superior quality level with low cost by aiming to make its service production flawless. In this direction, TRF Management has adopted the Excellence Approach, which meets the expectations of its customers, employees, suppliers, society and stakeholders in a balanced way and is in essence continuous improvement, learning and innovation.


By regularly reviewing the danger sources of logistics services, TRF Logistics;

To continuously improve OHS performance in line with its goals and objectives,

To prevent possible work accidents / injuries and occupational diseases in order to provide a healthier and safer working environment by considering the business and working environments, Determining the strategies and targets for OHS by evaluating the risks and opportunities that create them,

To eliminate identified hazards and reduce risks by using technologies that do not pose a problem in terms of OHS in its activities,

Ensuring the participation of employees in all kinds of strategy, target and action studies,

Making occupational health and safety a lifestyle,

It undertakes to comply with applicable legal and other responsibilities for OHS activities.


TRF Logistics;

To maintain by continuously improving its environmental performance and Environmental Management System in line with its strategic direction, goals and objectives,

To create opportunities by minimizing the negative effects and environmental risks that may arise from its activities,

To prevent environmental pollution and support the protection of the environment by using environmentally friendly technologies,

To support all our stakeholders in making environmental awareness a lifestyle, taking into account their needs and expectations,

To protect the ecological balance by using resources sustainably with a life cycle perspective, to use the most appropriate technology and processes in its activities to reduce carbon emissions,

It undertakes to comply with current legal obligations and other conditions for the environment in its activities.