Sustainability aims to transfer resources to future generations. In order to achieve this, it guides us on what we should do economically, environmentally, and socially, without ignoring today's needs.

Environmental Sustainability:

At TRF Logistics, we manage our environmental impacts in the fields of energy efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions, and waste management. When choosing energy sources, we try to prefer renewable sources. By measuring our energy consumption, we determine what needs to be done to reduce them. In this context, we review both our operational processes and support activities. We take care to protect the environment when choosing the sources we use for lighting and heating, the equipment we use in our logistics centers, the modes of transport we offer to our customers, and our vehicles. While determining the business partners we will work with within the scope of waste management, we pay attention to working in accordance with legal and other requirements.

Economic Sustainability:

We have determined the elements of our economic sustainability as operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. At TRF Logistics, operational efficiency is also a critical issue for us to maintain customer satisfaction. We aim to reduce our costs by ensuring the optimum use of all our resources with operational efficiency. We use technology to make our operations sustainable, and we offer services that meet the needs of our customers for our applications and sectoral investments. We review our activities and carry out improvement studies in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

Social Sustainability:

Our contributions to society, the satisfaction of our employees, and their health and safety are at the heart of our social sustainability. As TRF Logistics, we direct our social investments to projects that will support vocational training and increase employment in our sector. We will continue to increase our business understanding that is sensitive to the environment and the future of the world with our preferences and projects, with the support of all our stakeholders.